No reply to upgrade ticket 19075

Hi, I'd like to upgrade my linode. I filled out ticket 19075 yesterday but haven't heard anything. I'm trying to give you more money! Please respond.


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I've had an upgrade ticket open for more than 2 months now - if you don't want to take an IP address change, it may take a while for a spot to come open.

I don't mind an IP address change. I just want someone from linode to get back to me with some kind of status. I certainly won't be waiting two months!

I suggest you update your ticket and specify that if you didn't mention it originally


I've had an upgrade ticket open for more than 2 months now […]

Same problem here; when they can fix something they get back to you quickly enough, but when they can't they're lousy at keeping you up2date about what's going on (or not going on).

First of all they should at least let you know that if you're willing to switch IPaddress it'll be quicker, and/or if it takes too long they should, if it's available on the host you're currently on, give you the extra RAM, bandwidth and storage for free until you've gotten your upgrade.


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