Is Linode Managed?

Hello are the services rented on Linode Managed services or do we still need to take care of the servers and learn Linux to not get hacked?

This question is the same for OneClickApps and Servers?

A lot of providers like DigitalOcean are not offering Managed Servers and I have no idea why I mean Developers need to focus on Apps and not on Linux.


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Hey @ivanjeremic,

Linode is primarily an unmanaged platform; we provide the base image, CPU, memory, disk space and networking while leaving the internal configuration up to our customers to setup how they like. We do offer Linode Managed as an incident response service, which allows Linode Support agents to enter your system and attempt to bring core services such as web servers, databases, and other daemons back online. With Linode Managed, as well as One-Click Apps, the general upkeep of the Linode is still in the hands of the customer.

While we don't currently have the level of management you appear to be looking for, we do have some great documentation on keeping your Linode safe and secure, as well as tools for deploying from pre-configured Images or even creating a fresh Linode and automatically configuring it with StackScripts. After getting to know these resources, you should be able to do just as much Linux as you need to and focus on your apps.

Hope this helps!

I don't think so sorry.


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