Linode Kubernetes Engine not responding

I've created a k8s cluster of version 1.16 in LKE. Downloaded the kubeconfig file and set as env.

When I use kubectl get nodes, sometimes it returns the node list but most of the time the output is : Unable to connect to the server: EOF.

And I've tried installing one of my apps using script and it failed by the following error: Unexpected error when reading response body: unexpected EOF error: error when creating "STDIN": unexpected error when reading response body. Please retry. Original error: unexpected EOF.

What are the possible reasons and how to solve these?

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After doing a bit of research it looks like this could be caused by a few different things. For example, there are some cases of an "EOF" error when a configuration file isn't set up correctly and Kubernetes is trying to send API requests to the wrong location, or doesn't know where to send them. In other cases, this could be caused by having many different processes open and running out of available memory.

The most common cause that people mention is the Kubernetes master not being responsive, not being fully set up, or not having all of its services running.

It could also be due to a connectivity problem, though that's just speculation without knowing more about the situation. I recommend using MTR if possible to see if there's any problems with the route your connection is taking. If you're seeing anything out of the ordinary within our network, open a ticket and myself or another member of the Support team will be happy to help.


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