Is outbound connections for postfix (using gmail) disabled for new linodes?

I am trying to setup postfix using gmail as per this tutorial

But emails are not being sent.

I checked syslog

Feb 2 03:58:19 localhost postfix/smtp[3881]: connect to[2607:f8b0:400e:c08::6c]:587: Connection timed out

I read somewhere that some providers disable outbound connections for new servers.

Is that true for linode as well? How to I enable outbound connections for my server?

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I read somewhere farther down that the mail ports are blocked on new linodes. You have to open them through your firewall. Make sure, also, that their not commented out in /etc/services.

-- sw

If your account was created after November 5th, 2019, your Linode does have mail ports blocked by default. This is in a new effort to fight spam on our platform. In order to remove this restriction, you would just need to reach out to Support to confirm that your A record(s) and rDNS are set up appropriately, and that your mailing practices comply with CAN-SPAM. Our complete list of requirements can be found here. From there, we'll be able to remove the SMTP restrictions so you can begin sending email from your Linode.

Thanks for pointing it out!


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