Why my windows Linode auto restart?

Hi, I created a windows linode VPS using this tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBraRVMtPjg, but i use Windows server 2012 template here: https://joodle.nl/install-windows-on-a-kimsufi-server/

And i got a problem, my windows VPS usually restart itself even when my VPS's CPU is 4 processors and my VPS's RAM is 8GB. And CPU and RAM of the VPS usually run under 50%.

I just don't understand that why my VPS is auto restart. Some first tim, the Activity Feed say:

" Linode windows-server-2012 has been shut down by nht09.
Linode windows-server-2012 has been booted with config windows-2012 by nht09.
Linode windows-server-2012 has been booted by the Lassie watchdog service."

But now, when restart, the Activity Feed only say after I resize my VPSto bigger size:
"Linode windows-server-2012 has been booted by the Lassie watchdog service."

And seem that it usually auto restart after about one hour.

I don't know what to do. Please help me. Thank you so much.

P/s: Sory for my bad english.

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Please don't worry about your English. I understood your questions just fine.

Lassie is our shutdown watchdog. What it does is bring your Linode back up in the event of an unexpected shutdown. We have another post here on our Community Questions site that gives a thorough explanation of Lassie and where to check for any errors that may have caused the shutdown - which could be related to CPU usage, or a number of other factors:

Why did Lassie reboot my Linode?

Since you're using Windows, there are a few ways of accessing your Linode's command line to view those logs. he first is via LISH, which you can get to right through your Linode's dashboard.

You can also use SSH to access your Linode through Windows, and we have a guide which shows you some methods of doing that:

Using SSH on Windows

Thank you so much for your answer, @rgerke.


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