Trying to install Linux Mint


Im trying to install Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 on my linode, but im stuck at the part of the installation process. When it finish and I restart the OS, it comes back again to the installation window, so I cant enter to the real installed OS, and the process is repeated again.

Im totally new and I followed this guide, but im not sure what Im doing wrong:

I appreciate any help

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Linode Staff

It sounds like you may be booting into the Installer configuration profile as opposed to the Boot profile. The Installer profile is responsible for exactly what it sounds like - installing the image. Once the image has been installed, you should be able to boot the Linode from your ISO.

In order to change configuration profiles, you can select the "…" next to the name of the profile under the Disks/Configs tab for your Linode in Cloud Manager. You might also find steps 4 and 5 of the "Download and Install Image" section in the custom distro guide to be helpful.


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