How do i upload custom iso on Linode?

Hey,i want to install Vicibox on Linode, but am facing difficulties uploading vicibox image on linode, can you please guide how can i do that, i've been trying different guides of linode but nothing working Please explain if anyone tried this please help me.

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I assume you've been looking over our Install a Custom Distribution on a Linode guide for steps to do this. I know from experience that the Download and Install Image section, if you're seeing time out messages with regards to downloading the image, it's recommended to use the curl option. This option writes to the disk as it's downloading, which helps with timeout issues that can arise from using the wget option.

If I'm incorrect here, please provide some more details of the specific errors that you're seeing. It would also be helpful to know which guides you've been looking at, and what sections of those guides you've been encountering issues. We want to correct any issues in a guide should there be any.

could u install vicibox ? @1rjunaid


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