How do I create the '@' A/AAAA record for my domain?

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I'm trying to create the base record for my domain, but the DNS Manager won't let me. How do I do this?

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Many services have you create the base record for your domain (e.g. by naming it @, however our DNS Manager will create the same record if you leave the hostname field blank.

You can also use an API call like the following (this specific one is converted from a script, and has not been tested, but should illustrate the general idea):

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" \
    -X POST -d '{
        "type": "A",
        "name": "", ##   <--- Leave this blank instead of using '@'
        "target": "'"${LINODE_IP}"'",
        "priority": 0,
        "service": null,
        "protocol": null

For the SRV Records, It isn't working even when its blank


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