Questions regarding managed LKE / Kubernetes

First, awesome to see a managed k8s service from Linode!

I have some technical implementation questions below:

  1. Without shell access to nodes, how does OS (Debian) patching work?
  2. Is patching scheduled/maintained by Linode?
  3. If patching is maintained by Linode, will there be control over timing?
  4. Docker version looks older? What is the roadmap to using latest Docker version?

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Thanks! We're excited about it as well.

With kubectl, you can run a command on a container by using the exec command, like so:

kubectl exec [container-name] [command]

You can also start a bash shell with exec if you'd like.

We don't make any changes to your pods from our end, we'd like to leave that entirely within your control.

Newer Docker versions are something we'd like to make available, but I don't have an ETA at the moment.

If you have any specific questions about our end of things, feel free to give us a call or open a ticket and myself or another member of the Support team will do our best to help.

Thanks for the reply.

I am actually asking about the underlying worker nodes/VMs, not the pods running within the cluster.

The nodes seem to be Debian 9, but there is no shell access (no root pw or ssh key provisioned). So my question is how are apt package upgrades handled to keep the OS updated with security/os patches?

I can certainly open a ticket, but figured other customers may have the same question.


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