Creating proper MX Records = Placeholder for my domain = Placeholder for my A record for mail

I have encountered a new issue once I began setting up my MX records on Linode. I am trying to setup my MX records so that emails written to "[email protected]" are sent to "", which ultimately resolves to the server's IP address. I am confused on what the "Subdomain" section of the MX records refers to. I have reviewed the Linode documentation and looked at existing community support, but they have still not solved my issue. Currently, the MX record for "" resolves to "10", which is not what I am looking for.

What I would like is below:

$ dig mx +short

Currently I am seeing this:

$ dig mx +short
[no output]

However, if I run this:

$ dig mx +short

I would really like to know what I need to put into the "Mail Server" and "Subdomain" textboxes in the MX record editor.

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Hey there,

I'm happy to help and point you in the right direction. In your DNS Manager for the domain, I added what you would need to enter for MX records and A records to achieve what you're looking for.

Create an A Record for your mail server

Hostname - mail
IP Address -
TTL - Default

Create an MX Record with the following information.

Mail Server -
Preference - 10
TTL - 5
Subdomain - Leave this blank

After you update the records, make sure to wait for the records to propagate, then you should see the following:

$ dig mx +short

I also want to add the guide for using our DNS Manager, in case you need help editing, deleting, or adding a record.

Linode DNS Manager

This got me too. Seems backwards. You want to put the actual mail server in the "Mail Server" field i.e. or and not your actual domain name. If you want to set a mail server for a subdomain that's what the subdomain is for, your actual subdomains.

Hope this helps someone wondering why their email isn't routing to office365.

This got me, too. Good thing it only took me a day or so to notice my lack of incoming email!


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