How do i use current balance pay immediately?

I use paypal make a payment. There are 20$ current balance,and uninvoiced balance 7$. How do i pay the 7$ immediately?

And i have credit card and 20$ current balance,in the end of month,which one will be using first?

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@NIESHUSHU If you would like to pay your bill with PayPal instead of the card on file, you can make a one-time PayPal payment worth more than the balance due. This will add credit to your account and the credit will be used to cover the balance due. That being said, our system will attempt payment from the card on file, if there is no credit on the account.

Since the uninvoiced balance hasn't been calculated in the total balance due, you can't technically pay it now. Once a bill is generated for the total cost of the month's usage, any positive credit on the account will be used first to pay it.

Hope that helps!


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