Is something wrong with my disk quota setup?

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I made a new group with a quota, however, quota -g group_name shows the following:

Disk quotas for group group_name (gid 1000): none

Is something wrong with my quota setup?

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Has the group created any files in the space with the active quota?

When the group/group members have not yet utilized any file space within the location of the quota, it will return none upon querying. You can find some additional info on quota management in the man pages and here.

The user in question is in two groups ** group_name** and ** group_b** where the primary group is group_b

The quota was created for group_b but all files are being created in the group_name group.

I guess this is the reason why the quota wasn't applied.

Do all files needs to be created in the group that has the quota set.


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