No public visible flask app on centos 7/8

Hi there!
I've try to deploy flask app with steps from getting start, but can't get it to work outside.
I've even tried simple hello app with no firewall, no nginx, only bare flask and host-- and no luck, although i can see flask server running.
Is there anything else i should do on centos to make it work?
thank you

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Could you link a guide to show us what you’re trying to do?

Sure, - that's for setting up server and SSH connection. - this for securing.
But even without ufw or with ufw enabled and 5000 port opened I can't make flask app apear outside server. Running with host= and going serverIP:5000 in browser says timeout, although I can see server running on console.

I don't know what extra needs to be done to deploy that flask app on centos on LINODE but there's no problem with ubuntu- working fine.
Has any of you guys experienced that situation before, as I really'd like to come back to centos,


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