My software can't resolve mount paths - can in Azure. What are the differences in set up?

Hi, running software that works fine on Azure VM, but doesn't resolve mount paths on Linode. What are the differences between Azure VM and Linode? Is Linode just a kvm? Because that won't work for me. I want to run kvm's as well.

kvm-ok says 0, no hardware extensions.


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I believe Linodes are Xen instances (or whatever you call them).

What do you you mean by "mount paths"? Are you talking about the tracks that get left behind when you do something like

mount [-fnrsvw] [-t fstype] [-o options] device dir ?

If so, that information is kept in /etc/fstab (which is just a file that has world-read permissions).

I wouldn't expect that a VM created by an M$ product to resemble in the remotest sense of the word "resemble" a VM created by any open source product. Just because M$ calls them "VMs" doesn't mean squat… They called their version of Java "Java" too. They said that IE "conformed to standards." They said that ActiveX was an "internet standard." ad infinitum

-- sw


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