Help getting a monitoring service to make queries and access through a tinc VPN connection

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I am trying to connect to a second Linode over a private IP address through tinc vpn. I have server1 and server2.
On server1 I have a Zabbix server installed and when I do a curl from server2 to server1 (Zabbix Server) in the access log I see the public ip of server2 and not the private one I have configured with tinc.

I need queries and accesses to be made through the tinc VPN network.

Could you help me please?

Thank you

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Hey there,

I was able to find some documentation specifically on using Zabbix with tinc in this article from

A little ways down the page you'll see a section titled Adding a remote server with Tinc. This should really help you out.

If you have any more questions post them in this thread, and hopefully the community will be able to come together and help you sort this out.


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