How can I set up my domain with Gmail - send and receive emails

Hello, How can I set up my domain to send and receive emails?
I had purchased a domain name called from and I point to Linode domains and its works.

Now I need to "Add another email address" to my Gmail address as to send and receive email from behalf of my Gmail address.

Please guide me

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You can find instructions on how to configure your domain to use Gmail in our Using Google Apps for Email guide here.

You can also find more info in our Running a Mail Server guide as well.

Since your account was created after November 5th, 2019, our New Policy to Help Fight Spam applies to your Linode, and you'll need to open a Support ticket after setting up rDNS to confirm your CAN-SPAM compliance. Once Support lifts your email port restrictions, you should be good to go.


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