stop booting into GRUB

My nanode has started booting into GRUB - I have to use WebLish to select the kernel I want. How do I stop this, and just have it boot normally?

Any help much appreciated. [I did hit google, but didn't immediately find anything relevant.]

This is Centos 8.

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Hey nickmay!

There are two approaches that you could take to fix this issue; the first would be editing your nanodes grub configuration, and the second would be changing the kernel boot option in the Cloud Manager from grub to Linodes latest supplied kernel.

To edit the grub configuration on your Linode, simply get access to your Linode via your preferred way, such as Lish or ssh, then edit the grub configuration file at /etc/default/grub.

If you don't want your nanode to display grub at all, you can add or make changes to these following lines which will immediately boot you into the default kernel of your distro, otherwise you can learn more about tweaking grubs configs here.


With those changes made, simply run grub-mkconfig -o to apply those edits!

The second option that you could do is switching the kernel to Linodes. Linode provides a prebuilt kernel, which you can use instead of the distro supplied kernel which is available via the grub2 boot option. Simply change your selected Kernel to Latest 64 bit, then reboot! This will allow you to boot into our Kernel instead of using grub.

Great - thanks - I selected the linode 64bit kernel and all is now well. No idea why it was going in to GRUB - but at least I know what to do next time. Many thanks.


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