How do I speed up my WordPress site?

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My WordPress site is loading slowly. What can I do to speed this up?

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Here's a few ideas for speeding up your site:

  1. Disable slow plugins and themes. If you're not sure which plugins might be slow, try disabling as many as you can and then re-enable them one-by-one.

  2. Use a page caching plugin like WP Rocket:

  3. Try tuning your web server configuration. If you're running Apache, Linode has a guide for doing this:

Linode now has a more detailed guide on this subject: How to Speed Up a WordPress Website

Nice @nmelehan didn't see that linked guide before :)

Folks should also check out the following 3 wordpress plugins

  • keycdn cache enabler
  • autoptimize
  • clearfy

combined they do wonders - did some pagesped benchmarks at

along with more detailed look at


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