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Where can I see how much promotional credit I have left on my account? Does promotional credit expire?

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Where is my promotional credit?

You can see how much promotional credit you have at any time via the Billing sidebar of the Cloud Manager.
-----> If you are unfamiliar with viewing your billing information within the Cloud Manager, the following guide will be useful.

On the right side of the browser window (or at the bottom of the page if viewing via mobile or a smaller window) you will see your Billing Information panel. There will be an additional bit of information within this panel labeled Promotional Credit, if there is still promotional credit left on your account.

Any available promo credit will be visible here and will be surrounded by parenthesis. Seeing something like this: $(52.34) means you have $52.34 promotional credit remaining.

Does promotional credit expire?

Some promotional credits that we offer do have an expiration date, but this isn't always the case. If the promotional credit you are using does have an expiration date, this date can be seen within the Cloud Manager.

Expand the Promotions & Credit panel by pressing the + on the left hand side of it. Once that has been expanded, you can see which promotions are currently active along with the exact expiration date.

I received an invoice but I know I still have promotional credit on my account, why did this happen?

Anytime an invoice is issued, payment is typically collected by our billing system shortly after. If there is still a promotional credit on your account when the invoice is issued, the promotional credit is used to pay that invoice. Promotional (and service) credit is always used first before charging the credit card on file.


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