Websites down, Error 502

I have a Linode with 8 simple WordPress websites running on it. I'm using NGINX, MySQL, PHP and that's about it. More than I would like these website are down, usually for about 10 minutes and then come back up automatically.

There's no errors in the logs and I don't see any huge load, traffic or whatsoever in my dashboard. Please see screenshots below. All websites went down 3 times within the last 24 hours.

I'm using Cloudflare as a CDN. I have another Linode that has basically the same set up and number of sites, visitors, etc. That one barely goes down.

What are my options? I'm using a Nanode right now. Would upgrading to a 2-core and/or more RAM help? When I look at the graphs, I doubt it, but I'm not sure.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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For some reason my screenshots are visible in the preview, but not in the actual post…

<img alt="cloudflare" height="650" src="" title="cloudflare" width="650">
<img alt="cpu" height="650" src="" title="cpu" width="650">
<img alt="ipv4" height="650" src="" title="ipv4" width="650">
<img alt="ipv6" height="650" src="" title="ipv6" width="650">
<img alt="disk" height="650" src="" title="disk" width="650">

Because of this whole COVID-19 situation the traffic to my websites are about 80% less. And no downtime ever since. So this makes me think that the downtime in the past is traffic related, although I don't see anything odd in the graphs in my dashboards. Any thougths…?


If you're not seeing any problems, then the only other player in your scenario is Cloudflare. FWIW, I'd post this query there.

-- sw


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