How do I move s3 buckets to another region?

I initially created my buckets in the US region, but now Frankfurt is available I would like to move some of my buckets there.

I've tried using s3cmd to move objects between buckets, but due to the way it's configured with the region encoded in the subdomain, this isn't possible.

Do I have to just upload all the objects to the new bucket? Or is there a way I can configure s3cmd so I can use --source-region in the command to move objects between regions?

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Since there isn't a migration option available for your buckets, the objects will have to be manually copied from one bucket to another.

You can use Cyberduck (either the GUI or the CLI) to copy objects between buckets. I'll link to their documentation on this:

Scripting cloud storage copy using the command line interface (CLI)

The simplest way is probably going to be with the Cyberduck GUI, since it's as easy as having two windows open side-by-side and doing a drag-and-drop between them. I just tried it on my end, and it worked fast and well.

To add to this, the CLI for Cyberduck works as well. The first thing you'll need to do is make sure you have it installed by running the following:

pip install duck

Once that's done, the command syntax is as follows:

duck --copy s3://$access key@$bucket/ s3://$access key@$bucket


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