How can I authenticate my account?

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I forgot my username and password, and I don't know what credit card was used to signup for my account. How can I authenticate to get back in to the Linode Cloud Manager?

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We understand that forgetting your password can be frustrating. In order to protect your account from cyber criminals, we need to follow strict authentication rules.

Linode Support understands the inconvenience this can impose and will try to work with you to make authentication as easy as and as secure as possible.

The easiest way to authenticate and communicate with us is by logging into the Linode Cloud Manager and opening a support ticket (Under "Get Help" -> "Customer Support". For this you will need to know your username and password.

  1. Retrieve your username by entering your email address:

  2. Using the retrieved username, request a password reset:

Important: You must enter the username and not your email address when requesting a password reset.

I still am not getting emails from you about my username or resetting my password

There are some other common reasons why this happens. Some things you can check:

  • The emails may be arriving in your spam inbox. You can get instructions for the provider of your email address by searching the web for "check spam" in combination with the domain of your email (the part of your email after the @ sign) For example if your email address is then a search for "check spam" should quickly provide you with the instructions you need.

  • You may have signed up with a different email address than the one you currently use. You can try older email addresses that you used in the past.

  • Someone may have set up your Linode account for you, perhaps when building a web site. You may need to speak with your developer in this case, especially if you are paying them to run your website and if they are paying us (in which case they are technically the owner of the Linode Account)

  • If you are part of an organization that is using Linode, someone else may have set up the account. If that person is no longer with the organization, you may be able to speak to your organization's mail administrator who then may be able to access these emails for you.

What do I need to keep in mind when authenticating

If you need to speak with us about your account and cannot login to the Cloud Manager, you will need to communicate with Linode Support via email to or by calling us at 855-4-LINODE / (855) 454-6633 (Inside the United States) or +1 609-380-7100 (Internationally).

When communicating with us outside the Cloud Manager, we will need to ensure that we are speaking with the account owner, who is the party who is paying for the account, so we will need to verify the last six digits of the Credit Card that is on file for the account as well as verifying details of your account. To avoid additional delay in authenticating, you will want to ensure that is is the last six digits you are providing and not just the last four.

While communicating with us by email and we need to authenticate you, we recommend that you check that the email is not being cc'd or bcc'd to other people which would give away the means by which they could authenticate as the owner of the account. In this case you will want to call us and provide your details over the phone, referencing the email that needs to be authenticated.

Why am I being told my card cannot be found? I have a statement for my card that is being charged by Linode!

There are some common reasons why this may be happening. Support understands that most of us at some point will run into problems with a credit card being lost/stolen and the hassles that ensue when this occurs.

  • If we have previously successfully charged your card and that card was reported lost or stolen, your credit card provider may have given you a new card number, but elected to continue to allow charges from us to go through because our transactions are known and undisputed. In this case you will need to provide the last 6 digits of the card number that was reported lost. If you do not remember your previous card numbers you will need to reach out to your credit card company to obtain this information

  • Some credit card providers will issue virtual card numbers for you to use for online purchases. You may be paying us with one of these, and this will be the number we have on file. Again you will need to check with your credit card company, either by phone or on an online portal for your credit card.


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