not working but works

Today I created a Ubuntu 18.04 with lamp, I have configured virtual host correctly and setup dns using linode interface but only loads while still loads old site from previous host.

I have removed my domain from that host and updated Name servers at my domain registrar.

In Linode DNS management:

A records -
blank then IP address
www then IP address
* then IP address

Can someone please let me know if I did something wrong?


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Here's what I have… is what's registered at my domain registrar (which is not Linode)…in this order:

  • blank then IP address (for

  • mail then IP address (for…I also have an MX record and rDNS for

  • www then IP address (for

IMHO, you don't need this:

* then IP address

I hope this helps.

-- sw

P.S. The usual propagation time around the internet is 48 hrs…which starts AFTER Linode makes it's DNS changes…which they batch up every 2? hours.

Thanks for the response, I think its some sort of problem with my computer. When I use mobile everything works fine, I also tried some virtual browsers online and they load correct version of site. I have cleared cache on my pc, did cleanup of c drive but nothing is working.

Any suggestions please?

Did you flush the DNS cache on your local PC?

— sw


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