Who wants to manage my linode?!

:D I am looking for a patient soul to manage my linode account. I have absoloubtly zilch interest in learning how to do it!

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Two questions:


I have absoloubtly zilch interest in learning how to do it!
Why [did you | are you going to] rent a Linode instead of going for managed hosting?


I am looking for a patient soul to manage my linode account.
What is our incentive to do this?

The reason for having linode is to privide subdomains for other to use.

Pardon me for stating this but…this is the most ridiculous request I've seen in a LONG time…on any board.

Hmm and like asking on a public forum for admin requests isn't the first step to being the proplerty of a 12y/o script kiddy?

Let's not blow this off as a non-serious request folks. I can think of plenty of reasons to use an informed admin to manage a service than to be just another customer of a giant hosting company.

Timbee, exactly what kind of services do you want your linode to provide?

We can then make suggestions for the software you need, and you can head to the author's web site to arrange for a support tech. Or, you can go a more general route like Rent-A-Coder to set up your software and supply maintenance.

As a customer of both a linode and a managed hosting service, I can relate. I'm a small customer, and the managed guys have very little interest in making my life simpler, only their own. If I wanted a web server, I might be interested in paying someone to help me set up Apache, as it takes me a long time to set it up correctly, even though I've installed it a dozen times in the past.

The OP asked if someone was willing to manage his linode, which is a FARRRR cry from someone asking for things such as assistance in setting up Apache.

I'm all for assisting someone in solving their issues and this isn't my forum to be beating people down. It just seems to be bad form to be asking for someone to do what he asked. I can also understand having an informed and competent administrator managing a server, as I'm a seasoned security analyst by trade, but still, I don't particularly agree with what the OP is asking….poor taste.

Additionally, the second sentence of his first post sounded very lazy: "I have absoloubtly zilch interest in learning how to do it!"

No, it wasn't a professional request. And the "having no interest" part does sound as if he isn't interested enough to even check the work of the person he wants to hire.

I've worked with some web designers who will arrange for hosting services for those customers who aren't interested in setting up their own site. All too often they get overpriced domain names, dns, web sites, and whatever they can think of to appease the customer without doing good research themselves.

Too bad they just don't use a linode or two and host the customers sites themselves. I'll be doing just this shortly for some of my bookkeeping clients because the "managed" hosting isn't being managed very well.

And I might want to hire someone to set up that damned Apache for me if testing lighttpd doesn't work out. But I will be interested in how they set it up. After all, it's my neck if my customers aren't satisfied.

I guess this thread is too old now to be relevant to the OP. At least it's given us something to think about.

I'll do it for $120 an hour ;D

Seriously though, I'd settle for 80 at a convenient time. Still, your looking at alot more than managed hosting.

Atarack Communications offers managed services:

-$35/month add-on to any plan

-$100/month for business VPS

-Free = Semi-support


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