SSL with static site on Linode Object Storage?

Is it possible at all to use SSL with a static site hosted on Linode Object Storage when using a custom domain?

If not, are they plans to enable this in the future?

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Is it possible at all to use SSL with a static site hosted on Linode Object Storage when using a custom domain?

It is possible to do this, but there needs to be a bit of a workaround which I'll go over here with you.

First of all, the reason why you aren't able to attach an SSL to a static site being hosted solely on an Object Storage bucket is because the SSL for our certificates work for subdomains of Because of that, when you try to set it up it'll throw you an error.

This is because at this time the buckets do not support having a custom domain on a static site. To get around this, you'd need a Linode for the set-up which you can use as a proxy for the bucket and thus get the SSL to work.

The guide I'm linking below explains how to do this. Even though the author of it is using AWS, this will still work on our buckets:

Deploying Static Websites Behind Nginx Proxy

If not, are they plans to enable this in the future?

In regard to whether this is going to be enabled in the future, I'll pass along your desire to see this to our developers. Keep an eye on our blog for new feature announcements!

Not sure if relevant, but I would just like to second the

"If not, are they plans to enable this in the future?" since it would be a very welcome adition.

I'll keep an eye on the blog, but just wanted to voice it incase.

Also thank you for the linked blog post!

Hey @themiteratornio!

Your feedback is very much so relevant, so thank you for chiming in. This feature is definitely something that's already on our radar but I've made a note of your request internally so that it can be considered in future discussions.

I'm also willing to see this progress.

We are waiting for Custom Domain SSL support on Linode Object Storage.
Our website is a fully standalone AMP so https is a must-have thing for all website resources.
You can take a look at this page Famous people born today
There are so many images and thumbnails about the famous peoples generated during page load. When we try using block storage without SSL support, AMP throws a ton of errors, so we have to stop using it. Currently, we still using traditional VM to host our static files. And it's harder for us to maintain the site with a large amount of data. We continue updating Celebrities' information daily and the size of image files will grow constantly.
Hope that this feature will be supported soon
Thank you!

What if you could in Linode Nodebalancer to point to the object storage bucket, and configure the ssl in the node balancer, and serve from the object storage? that way you could get ssl in object storage to your custom domain through nodebalancer.

Hey folks,

I have some great news! As of today, Linode Object Storage now supports uploading your own SSL certificate for use with a custom domain. We've posted some great guides to help you get started:

Ryan L.
Linode Support Staff

@rl0nergan this is awesome!!!
Thank you for such a great feature

@rl0nergan Why don't you integrate the free Lets Encrypt service into your linode manager, like digitalocean / bunnycdn and many other providers do? No need for the user to manage re-uploading of expired certificates, etc.

how to configure static site on object storage to work on root/apex? like ""??

I agree, integrating Let's Encrypt would be a nice feature to have.


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