Does adding a Linode Configuration add to costs if I resize my Linode to support two Kernels?


I am using an older kernel and I want to upgrade my kernel but I have had some difficulties thus far.

If I add a Linode Configuration to my current plan, can I get by w/ 40 leftover GBs of data if I resize my current configuration?


P.S. I am asking b/c the linode I have currently is working fine but I want to upgrade to the "newest-bestus." Please send guidance.

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If you're just allocating space that is already included in your plan, then the answer is no…the cost is the same. I do what you describe when I restore from a backup for example.

If you switch to a new plan with more memory & disc space, then the answer is yes…it will cost you more.

-- sw


Thank you, is it possible to update kernels and not have any interference or poor dealings on my current set up?


P.S. I know sometimes things are left in the past, i.e. dependencies, libraries, and/or specific works. How can I upgrade my kernel?

Adding a Configuration does not use any of your disk space or bandwidth.

You can add a new configuration with a new kernel, or edit your current configuration to use the new kernel. You'll just need to reboot your Linode with the new kernel configuration and you'll be good to go.

I can't say if changing your kernel will cause an issue with your current setup, because I don't know anything about your software. With that said, if you tried changing from GRUB2 to Linode's "Latest 64-bit" and there is a problem, you can always change your configuration profile back to use GRUB2 as it used previously.

Hello _Brian,

Seth here. Um, how would I go about updating my kernel to one of the newer, stable versions?


P.S. I am asking how b/c I want to learn how on my Linode. Is there a tutorial? Can I do it from the command line or do I need to use the Profile GUI on my Linode Account Page?

Hey @silver2row! The below guide will walk you through how to update your kernel. You will update the Linode kernel from within Cloud Manager. You'd install the upstream kernel from the command line.

Hope this helps!

@rdaniels --

The link you posted yields a 404.

-- sw

Thanks for the heads up, @stevewi — fixed.


Thank you for this update. I will look into the link and reply once things are done.



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