Changing regions when deploying an object storage bucket through the Linode CLI

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I see you just added Object Storage to the eu-central (Frankfurt) region. How do I specify that region when deploying a bucket through the Linode CLI?

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As noted on the Linode CLI GitHib page, buckets deployed through the CLI will default to us-east-1 (Newark) region. This will likely change as more locations are made available, but for the time being you can override it by adding the --cluster flag when deploying a new bucket.

$ linode-cli obj mb testbucket --cluster eu-central-1

Since the default location is hardwired, you won't be able to specify one in your CLI configuration file. If you want eu-central-1 to be your default location, and don't feel like entering --cluster each time, consider using a bash alias like the one below, to help streamline the process.

alias newbucket='linode-cli obj --cluster eu-central-1'

Anytime a new bucket is needed you can use the alias like so:

$ newbucket mb testbucket
Bucket testbucket created


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