How do I use HTTP header authorization with Linode Object Storage?

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Does Linode Object Storage support HTTP header authorization (like AWS S3 does -

How do I go about handling the signing process without using s3cmd?

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To the best of my knowledge Linode Object Storage supports the same authorization methods as AWS and the document that you reference should apply on our platform.

A recommended tool for programmatically handling the signing process can be found here:

Additional documentation that may help:

Hi, I tried it today, but no luck. The code that generates working headers for Amazon (tested on AWS S3) does not work with Linode.

If you look at the documentation there are a lot of AWS specifics in terms of naming (the authorization method is - AWS4-HMAC-SHA256, the service name is - s3, on of the inputs to sign is - aws4_request (hardcoded), etc.)

Should this all surely work on Linode? Has anyone tested it so far? Header authorization is really important as it allows for URL based caching of content on clients.

Any progress regarding the above question about the AWS specifics. If V4 is not supported it's not supported, but please clarify this.

I’m not 100% sure about header authorization, however I can confirm that Linode’s Object Storage works just fine with “signed URLs” that contain the AWS v4 signature you reference.

I’ve used s3cmd, Rclone and the official AWS SDK for PHP to work successfully with my Linode object storage and even to generate signed URLs to provide a view-only, time-limited URL to private files (which I’m ecstatic about as this is just what I need and thought it was only an official S3 feature due exactly to the AWS-specific signature/encryption.)


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