Block storage to store live emails

I have an email server configured at linode, i resized it just 2 months before due to storage requirement, and now it 97% filled again, i donot need more computational power like cpu and memory but just storage. so, i donot want to upgrade linode package.
After searching in Linode community, some experts suggests to move to another low price dedicated server BUT i know its hard to reconfigure and troubleshoot email server issues.
Another suggestion is to get google picasaweb storage and mount it to my local server. i think it will be slow.
Now my question is do linode bloack storage is fast enough to handle live emails read/write. My mail server is handling email for just 60 account and it can be 100 in near future.

DO you use block storage for handling emails, as every email-server need more and more storage day by day so lot of people facing this issue.
DO linode offer extra harddisk? i tried to add but it can be of the unused space of linode current hardisk.

I will suggest people to MAKE you next mail server with a company offering lower price storage that should be scalable in future without upgrading package.

Any help or suggestion appreciated!

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The Linode block storage gets close to the same speeds as the local SSD.

So if your current Linode’s SSD is fast enough, I’m sure block storage will be too.

Block storage was designed exactly for this purpose - allowing you to expand your storage up to 10TB independently of your Linode’s plan.

@technilogics, did you find any solution to this? I have the same issue with emails and plan to use block storage instead of upgrading to higher tier linode. Appreciate the reply. Thanks!

@technilogics --

Heed well the advice about block storage…this is exactly why block storage was invented. I have 75GiB of block storage to store backups and stuff I don't need/use frequently. It works great without any noticeable difference in performance from your Linode's SSD drives.

-- sw


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