Hi, one question about the backups

I have seen that the backups have three plans. Daily, a 2 and 7 old backup and an 8 and 14 day old backup.

My question is, are all of this backups full backups? Or are they Incremental for the daily one, diferential for the 2 and the 7 old one and full for the 8 and the 14 old one?


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This is a valid question - someone from Linode should answer it though.


Linode Backups initially take a full filesystem level snapshot of your disk, then subsequent backups are done incrementally from the initial daily Backup. Daily backups are rotated into weekly and bi-weekly slots.

However, when you restore a backup you restore a full filesystem snapshot to a new disk. To the user, this will appear as a full backup. Files that have been modified, but are the same length and without any metadata changes will not be considered changed during a subsequent incremental backup. ACLs and extended attributes are NOT tracked.

Additional considerations when using the Linode Backup service are described at the bottom of this page.


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