How can I create user account that has permissions only to the Object Storage?

Hello community members,

Currently I am moving my team services, that are hosted on different providers, to Linode.
One of them is static site that uses Google Cloud Storage.
I would like to allow only specific people to browse and write into buckets, but I don't see such permission in the list.
Is this currently possible or will it be possible in the future?

Thank you

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We're currently looking into developing the ability to provide limited user access to Object Storage — I've added this post to our internal tracker on that task.

In the meantime, you should be able to get this functionality by providing an Object Storage key pair to your team members with limited user accounts. Notably, limited users do not currently have access to buckets via Linode Manager, so (assuming you're the only unrestricted user) only those members of your team with a key pair will be able to access private buckets using s3cmd or Cyberduck.

Though it's a bit of a late comment, you can check NirvaShare that is available in Marketplace which covers this kind of usescase.
You can easily share files at bucket/folder level across cloud platform users integrating with external identity providers such as AWS SSO, Google workspace, Okta, etc.

Check it out at


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