access object storage from a stateless command line

Amazon S3 lets me sync data using key+secret credentials as command line arguments. It seems the only the way to access Linode S3 is by having to manually initialize my client state by add a personal access token which then persists somewhere. I'm using S3 for automated backing up of container data from multiple VMs, and it's not ideal to have to manually initialize each backup bot.

Edit : oops, didn't see the "access keys" tab on the bucket. Still, the main question stands - can this be done stateless?

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Hey @adamadams - the short answer here is yes. You should be able to achieve this the same way that you would with Amazon S3 using s3cmd while accessing your buckets.

Via this S3 documentation, here are the arguments you would end up using to pass the keys via the command line:




Also just in case you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to our guide on using s3cmd with our Object Storage: s3cmd


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