How do I separate billing by client or tag?

I want to resell hosting to lots of clients; what is the best way to break down the cost per client?

Can I get a breakdown each month by tag? Or can I create sub accounts in my main account I can use to organize resources?

Multiple invoices/payments per month would be fine as well but it would be nice to keep just one username/password.

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That's an excellent question. Right now, we don't have any sorting methods like the ones you've described built into your invoice system. It is possible to have sub-users with billing permissions, but they will still receive one total invoice for the whole account.

I have gone ahead and added the sorting methods you've mentioned to our tracking system so we can consider them for inclusion as features, but I cannot make any promises on when or if we'll be able to build them in.

In the meantime, my suggestion would be to group the Linodes for different clients by label. For example, prefacing all the Linodes for one client with A1 and the next with B2 and so on and so forth. This will let you sort out which Linodes belong to which client a bit easier.


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