Possible URL character encoding bug in object storage webui?

The linode.com object storage website content uploader seems to prevent handling content in folders with unusual characters in the folder name, f.egs I can successfully drag and drop


but not these two

/te + st/myfile.txt
/te & st/myfile.txt

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Hi @adamadams. Thanks for pointing this out! I tested this out myself, and the same thing happened on my end. In all honesty, I'm not sure if this is intentional behavior based on the same parameters for naming buckets as cited in this Object Storage guide.

That said, I forwarded this along to our Object Storage team so that they can take a look. Thanks again for the heads up.

I just tested this with Cyberduck, and I think you're right - Cyberduck won't let me create a folder "te & st", because the name "isn't DNS compatible". I guess all the Linode admin interface needs is a clearer error message, so it's not really a bug.

But, and this is were it gets weird, I stumbled on this error because I have a NextCloud server using Object Storage as a storage backend, and it synced a local Windows folder called "b & w" to Object Storage, which I subsequently couldn't delete through NextCloud. I had to Cyberduck in and delete the folder manually. So it seems it's still possible to sneak invalid bucket names through, somehow. Hope that's useful.


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