500 server error

Hello, I am currently setting up my first django-based website. The problem is that whenever I try to log in or register a new user, it throws a 500 server error. I already checked the apache error log and it doesn't show anything abnormal happening at given error time. I am still a newbie so any simple answer will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help!

Site: www.kczan.pl

EDIT: I actually managed to finally fix that problem. For anyone in the future that's having the same problem - check if www-data owns the database file and check the permissions for it. I am sure that I set them in the past but it seems that setting those again helped me to fix that error.

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Hey there @kczan,

Thank you for updating the community! I'am glad to see you got this permissions issue resolved on your end! For future instances, we do have another community post for 500: internal errors you can reference back to as well.

Hope this helped!


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