WHM & CPanel Outgoing Server is Not Sending

Hello, I have configured with One-App-Click for installing cPanel.
I have to try to send outgoing server to my Gmail. But there is nothing to send, the status is always in progress , in the Delivery Mail in cPanel. then the cPanel will showing result error retry time not reached for any host for 'gmail.com'

Anyone can help why this happened?

Thank you,

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Sending mail is blocked on new VPS, you need to talk whit support.

Tntdruid is correct. Since November of last year, all new accounts will need to open a Support ticket.

You'll need to configure a valid DNS A record and rDNS for any Linodes that you plan to use to send email. Our guides on configuring DNS and rDNS records within the Linode Manager are linked below.

You can confirm that these records have been configured correctly by running the following commands:

To check the A record
dig +short $URL

To check the rDNS
dig -x $IP +short

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