Xen host down?

Hi guys.

It seems like host 56 is not responding. My node is not reachable, and the

host (host56.linode.com) refuses connections on port 22… The graph on the

overview page says it's idle.

-- jp

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Issue a reboot.

sshd is dead on the host, at least until we can reboot it. For now, telnet is open if you require Lish access…


Hey, it's back! :-)

I'll try that next time this happens.

Thanks caker!

– jp

Port 22 to Host 56 isn't responding and neither is my host. Should I reboot my node?

I think that's a yes, if I'm understanding the previous posts correctly.

Seems rebooting didn't do the trick, guess I'll try telnet to Lish. (They still make telnet? :) )


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