How do I have multiple domains on one linode for a WordPress network?

Hi, I am new to Linode. I set up Wordpress network on one linode. I did it by going into the wp-config.php file and changing it so you can create multiple WP sites in one WP network. I am on Debian 10 on my linode server and I believe Apache is in it. I have 3 WP sites so far. The first one is at (making up the ip), the second one is at and the third one is at Is there any easy way to hook up each of these with three different domains? I am not that great with linux but I can try. Would appreciate some help. Best. Lex.

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Hi Lex, If you’re using Apache, you can configure multiple WordPress sites with this guide:

However, if you’re using Nginx, there should be a similar process. I’m not as familiar with it, but someone might comment with directions.

You also have to have your domains registered somewhere and point to the Linode DNS servers.

-- sw


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