Why i can not access my website

I purchase 2GB, 1 CPU core server. sometimes upto 1-2 hour or more i can not access my website. But if i use Vpn then always find my site active.
Why This Problem happening and how can i get solve this?
My site is: http://www.mychakri.com

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First, I don't know why and can't determine why because you didn't provide any information about your problem.

Second, it worked for me.

-- sw

@jonyonlines4u - I'm able to visit your website as well. Since you mentioned that it works when using a VPN, there may be a local networking issue preventing your local computer from accessing your website. If your Linode is running out of space or using too much CPU, it may cause your site to go down as well. If you provide us with some information about the error you're seeing when your site is inaccessible, we can provide more assistance.


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