Boot hanging due to cold plug devices failure

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My Linode says it is powered on but I'm unable to reach it via ping or SSH. When I check the console via LISH, it looks like its hanging at the following message:

* Stopping cold plug devices         [fail]
The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present.
keys:Continue to wait, or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

What's going on?

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These messages seen in the console are very helpful in figuring out what could be going on. This specific message seems to be the result of a failed system startup, explaining why you're unable to access the Linode from the outside.

The specific error you've provided is typically the result of inconsistencies with distribution specific packages/dependencies. Reconfiguring all packages should resolve this but you'll need to boot into Rescue Mode to do so.

To boot into Rescue Mode, select your Linode from with the Cloud Manager and click on the Rescue tab. After you select the disks needed to mount, press Submit. The Linode will reboot into Rescue Mode and you can connect with Lish by pressing the Launch Console button.

While booted in Rescue Mode, run the following commands:

mount -o exec,barrier=0 /dev/sda
cd /media/sda
mount -t proc proc proc/
mount -t sysfs sys sys/
mount -o bind /dev dev/
mount -t devpts pts dev/pts/
chroot /media/sda /bin/bash
dpkg --configure -a

Once you've completed that, reboot your Linode to get it out of Rescue Mode and you should be good to go!


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