Howto for Simple Mail Server on Debian Would be Appreciated


I would appreciate a how to for establishing a mail server on Linode using Debian. Does such a thing exist? Ideally it would contain configuration file listings so someone else, like me or new customers, could make modifications and run mail. This would be for one domain for, perhaps, a family with six or eight address.

I've started to try to get Postfix working but any mainstream mail system would be fine. I found the Dovecot documentation weak. Clarity of documentation and ease of configuration are more important than screaming performance for what I (and I suspect many others) would like to do.


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Try the Qmail Rocks guide. Just remember that if on an 80 or maybe 120 you'll probably need to disable SA (easiest to install and remove from the scan chain).

I haven't done this on Debian. I've done something similar on Gentoo. (I'm current thinking of changing from Gentoo to Debian.)

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