How can I change the map for Minecraft One Click Installation?

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I want to change the map for my Minecraft server. I used the One Click Apps installation.

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To get started, you'll first want to login to your Linode via SSH or Lish. Below are guides to help you achieve this first step.

After you are logged into the server via the root account. You'll want to change the password for the user mcserver. This can be done by running the following command.

passwd mcserver

After entering that command, you'll enter your new password twice. Next, you need to change from the root user, to the mcserver user. To do this, run this command.

su mcserver

Now that you're logged into the mcserver user, you can run the cd command to change directories to the mcserver home directory.


You can then run the ls command, which will display the contents of the mcserver home directory. In this directory you will find all the Minecraft server files. In the directory serverfiles, you'll see the files, as well as a directory for world. World is the name of the map on your server currently. If you look in the files, you'll see a line for level-name=world. This setting indicates the file name of the map for your server.

To change the map for your server, you'll first need to stop the server. The Minecraft One Click App uses a tool called LinuxGSM to manage the server. This tool makes it easier to administer the Minecraft server. Below is a link to some of the commands that you can use to administor the server.

So you'll first want to make sure you are in the home directory for the mcserver user.

cd ~

If you are located in the mcserver home directory, you can run the following command to stop the Minecraft server.

./mcserver stop

Now that the server has been stoped, you'll need to move the map you want on the server onto the Linode. This can be done a few different ways, like with FileZilla or via the SCP command. The important thing to understand is that you need to move them into the mcserver user, and in the serverfiles directory. Once the map is in the serverfiles directory, you have to update the files to point the world to the new folder. The line that you'll need to update in the files is the line starting with level-name=. You'll want to add in the name of the map (folder name) after the equal sign. Once the files has been saved, you can then start the server again with the ./mcserver start command. Just make sure you are in the home directory when you start the server.

how would I transfer a Minecraft world from my PC to Linode?

You can use Filezilla for transferring the files.


Open Site manager > New Site
Protocol: SFTP
Host: enter the IP of your linode, Port is 22 by default
log in as the mcserver user with the password.
drag and drop the files.

If you find issues regarding user then you may try to change owner
chown -R username:username /path/to/directory


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