VPC / private networking

Digital Ocean today launched their VPC service which replaces their previous private networking, which behaves much like Linode's.

However it seems like they still haven't lifted the restriction of it being cross-datacentre:

We do not support VPC networks between resources in different datacenter regions.

I know this is something that was mentioned for Linode's 2020 roadmap - how is this going?

If you guys support true private networking across data-centre boundaries, that would be a-ma-zing!!

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This is absolutely on our roadmap, and since we're still in the research and development stages we don't yet have a timeframe as to when this will be available.

That said, this is something that will be announced on our blog when the time comes. In the meantime, we love getting feedback and suggestions like this from our community, so feel free to send your ideas to [email protected]


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