How can I check for different strings using the NodeBalancer Health Check?

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I have a few different nodes configured to work with a NodeBalancer. I want to use the Active Health Checks feature to look for specific strings in the HTTP Body to verify its UP status. However, I need to look for different strings on each node.

How can I achieve this?

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As you may know, the 'HTTP Body' Health Check uses a regex to match against an expected result body. So, you could use the OR operator | to check for different strings on each node.

Let's say you have three backend nodes with the following strings somewhere on the page:

Node Name: Database
String: in sync

Node Name: Site 1
String: is running

Node Name: Site 2
String: is running

You would be able to add the following value to the Expected HTTP Body (required) section of your NodeBalancer's configuration page:


Afterward, allow a few minutes to the changes to sync up, and you should find that both nodes has a Status of UP.

You may learn more about Regex operators with this Regex Cheatsheet from Debuggex.

You may also find the following guides helpful for reference:

NodeBalancer: Health Checks

Getting Started with NodeBalancers


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