Total dapperfication of breezotic server failed on LVM?

I was experimenting with Ubuntu, and following the steps here:

edited /etc/apt/sources.list and replaced all occurrances of

"breezy" with "dapper", enabled universe, and then issued

an update and dist-upgrade.

It fails on LVM (Logical Volume Management, I think) with:

Unpacking replacement libgcc1 …

Errors were encountered while processing:


E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

Should I:

a) be patient and wait for Linode to add Dapper

b) log an error report of some kind with Ubuntu

c) troubleshoot the problem in some way

d) ask around for advice with this specific problem

e) some other option?


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Do you actually need lvm2? I'd guess not… its installed as part of ubuntu-standard, but you can probably just remove it, problem solved :)

In the state you're in now you should still be able to issue a dpkg --remove lvm2, then try the dist-upgrade again.

I only had one problem when I did the same upgrade a little while ago, I didn't really try to diagnose it because dapper was still in testing. I'll mention it just in case it happens to you though:

Once I rebooted I found I couldn't ssh in, I logged in via the console and noticed my /dev/pty* devices were missing… a quick MAKEDEV pty (yup, you need the caps), and maybe another reboot and all was well again.

Good luck with the upgrade :)

Well, that was easy. Thanks for the advice.



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