Help solve "This record is exposing your origin server's ip address"

Please I am trying to connect cloudflare to m account and Ii have reached a stage where it says This record is exposing your origin server's ip address, potentially exposing it to denial of service.
I am confused.

Please can one guide me on what to do?

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The idea of Cloudflare is that all your traffic is routed to their data centres, and they "proxy" the request to your back-end - in this case, your Linode.

When someone looks up your DNS record, Cloudflare will respond with its own IP addresses, so they get the traffic and can route it accordingly. If that traffic becomes bad, like a DDoS, Cloudflare will handle it inside their network, protecting your Linode by only passing it good traffic.

The message you are seeing means that you have instructed Cloudflare to respond with your actual Linode's IP address, so traffic is going to go straight to your Linode and not through Cloudflare's data-centres.

Simple case of clicking the grey "cloud" icon so it becomes orange. Cloudflare will then start handling traffic to your website.

I realised using cloudflare may not be important because I read somewhere that it scares legitimate visitors with their recaptcha. Its annoying because Ii have seen it in other sites and its too bad.

Currently what am facing now is how do I connect my second site in the same linode instance


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