How do I Generate a KeyStore and TrustStore on my Linode?

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How can I generate a KeyStore / TrustStore on my Linode? Is there an easy way to install keytool? I need it in order to secure my Docker NiFi instance.

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Keytool is a utility that is bundled with Java, so to get it on your Linode you'll want to install the Java Runtime Environment:

sudo apt install default-jre

Once you have JRE installed, you can then generate a keystore. This BatchIQ article I found goes into great detail on how to create your certificate, setup the KeyStore/TrustStore, and installing your certificate to the TrustStore.

Since the article was written for Apache NiFi, you may also find some good info on how to configure the Key/TrustStore for your Linode as well.


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