resolve.conf networkd.conf empty

Trying to solve various amount of issues one of which are these:

After a recent OS upgrade (or perhaps, even before?) we noticed those. Been trying to troubleshoot this and noticed our resolv.conf and networkd.conf only contains the following:

We use auto-networking in linode, how would we go about solving these problems?

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The messages in the first picture can be ignored. For more detail, see this question on AskUbuntu. Read the whole thing before changing anything, as there are a couple of answers there that are wrong.

Regarding the second picture, for the first two issues, if you're using Linode's DNS, DNSSEC isn't supported, so unless you're going to switch to a different DNS server (I run bind9 on one of my servers, and use Linode's DNS as secondaries in order to use DNSSEC, but that may be more than you'll want to do.

For the third issue (I presume this came from a page on Cloudflare), it looks like Cloudflare is looking for a TXT record you've been asked to add to your DNS in order to verify you own the domain, and it is not finding it. I haven't used Cloudflare, so I can't be sure, but that is my guess.


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