Migrate server form old Ubuntu 14.04 to new Ubuntu 18.04

Looking for advice on migrating a hosting platform from Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04.

Does Linode allow me to setup a new clean server then migrate across my data. We would need the new server on the IP address of the old server when finished we need to turnoff the old server and have the new server use the same IP addresses.

Just looking for advice.


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Yes, you can certainly do that! First, create a new Linode in the same data center with Ubuntu 18.04 installed. Then, move over any needed data. I'd recommend using rsync as it has a few improvements and added features over scp or similar.

Then, once everything's ready to go on the new Linode, you can transfer the IP addresses between them. We have a guide on doing so here:

Transferring IP Addresses


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