Host an +8 router SPA in Object Store

Hello, I'm trying to host a SPA made with in your Object Storage. All is working fine when I'm accessing the index.html. But when I put a different URL according to my app router config such as '/product/:id' or '/cart' returns me 403 HTTP code because the file does not exist, is rendered by JS. I guess that I need to configure the bucket to point always to the index.html file, but I don't know how to manage that.

Thank you!

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Hey there -

I did some research on this, and it looks like another user was running into a similar issue and asked about it here. Some suggestions were given, so I wanted to link you to that post here:

object storage static site not serving index.html when accessed via external domain

It talks about making sure your CNAME records are configured to properly point to your index.html file.

I hope that's helpful - let us know if those suggestions work.


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